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Our maintenance advice

To keep your leather bag in perfect condition, it requires a little attention and care. Here are some tips to help you maintain the beauty and durability of your bag:


Soft cloth : Use a soft, dry cloth to wipe dust and small dirt from the surface of the bag.

Waterless: Avoid cleaning leather with water, which can dry it out or discolor it.


Leather cream: Apply a special nourishing leather cream every 2-3 months to maintain the suppleness of the material.

Pre-Test : Before applying any product, do a small test on a hidden part of the bag to ensure it does not change the color or texture.


Avoid humidity: Store your bag in a dry place, away from humidity which can damage the leather.

Using a leather protectant: A protectant spray can be used to protect the leather against stains and water. Make sure it is appropriate for the type of leather your bag has.


Protective bag: Use a protective cloth bag to prevent scratches when the bag is not in use.

No overloading : Avoid overloading the bag to maintain its shape and structure.


Avoid prolonged contact with direct sunlight : This may cause the leather to discolor.

Keep away from coloring materials: Avoid contact with denim clothing or other materials that may transfer dyes to the leather.