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Carolyn Randolfi dans ELLE : L'Éloge de LOLO CHATENAY

Carolyn Randolfi in ELLE: In Praise of LOLO CHATENAY

In a recent exclusive interview with ELLE magazine, Carolyn Randolfi, the creative director emeritus of the famous Éric Bompard brand, shared her favorites when it comes to fashion accessories.

Written by Julia Delaigle

In a recent exclusive interview with ELLE, Carolyn Randolfi, the dynamic creative director of the Éric Bompard brand, has not only transformed this venerable French brand into a benchmark of modernity and understated luxury, but also expressed her admiration for the handbags innovative products from LOLO CHATENAY.

Since his arrival at Éric Bompard, acquired in 2018 by the Compagnie Marco Polo group , Randolfi has revolutionized the brand with his expertise acquired at Ralph Lauren, Prada and Kenzo.

luxury handbag lolo chatenay brown leather with detached leather goods parts

Under his leadership, the house introduced bold collections such as “Made in France” accessories, showcasing premium knitwear produced in Roanne, the heart of French knitwear. This approach reflects a commitment similar to that of LOLO CHATENAY in terms of innovation and quality.

When asked which accessory brands she preferred, Randolfi praised LOLO CHATENAY's customizable handbags , with their interchangeable flaps , highlighting their versatility and ability to adapt to any style or occasion. This mutual appreciation between two innovative brands demonstrates a shared commitment to creativity and accessible luxury.

With an impressive career and a clear vision for the future of fashion, Randolfi continues to guide Éric Bompard to new heights, while recognizing and promoting brands like LOLO CHATENAY for their unique contribution to the world of fashion.

See you soon to discover even more trends and innovations in the world of fashion!

Written by: Team Lolo-Chatenay

lolo chatenay store window luxury handbag
luxury leather handbag collection lolo chatenay on shelf

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