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Lexiques des Différents Types de Cuirs & Peaux en Maroquinerie

Glossaries of Different Types of Leather & Skins in Leather Goods

The complete glossary on the different types of leather used in women's leather goods, each offering a unique aesthetic and characteristics, from smooth to grained, suede to nubuck, and much more.

Written by Julia Delaigle

Charter of Different Types of Leather Used in Leather Goods

charte type de cuirs

Leather in women's leather goods ranges from smooth to grained, suede to nubuck, with each type offering a unique aesthetic and properties. While some leathers promise elegance and durability, others require careful maintenance to preserve their softness and appearance. Choosing the right leather for a women's bag is essential to combining style and functionality.

cuir liss

Smooth leather

It is characterized by its uniform surface without imperfections. It is usually made from the outer part of the skin, and can be treated to different finishes, such as glossy, matte or satin.

cuir grainé

Grained leather

Grained leather has a natural texture, with grains or patterns that give character to its surface. It is scratch and wear resistant, making it a popular choice for leather goods and furniture.

cuir caim

Suede leather

Suede leather is obtained by sanding the inside of the hide, which creates a soft, velvety surface. It is more delicate than smooth leather and may be susceptible to stains and moisture.

cuir nubuck

Nubuck leather

It is similar to suede leather but is made from the outer side of the hide, giving it a finer texture and slightly velvety appearance.

cuir pleine fleur

Full grain leather

It is the most premium and durable type of leather. It often retains the animal's natural markings, giving it an authentic appearance.

cuir vieilli

Distressed leather

Distressed leather is a type of leather that has been specially treated to give it a worn, weathered, or antique appearance.

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